Bath-ing on the Bath Mat

No mat goes unoccupied at RedQuarters.

Lick, lick, wash, wash.

As soon as the water sounds stop and the shower curtain rattles along the bar, Athena marches in and plops down on the bathmat. And baths.

“I am pretty,” slorp, “Oh so pretty,” slurp.

She doesn’t leave much space. If I had not left the towel on the edge closest to the tub, there would be no mat left for me.

ExCUZE me! How dare you drip on me after I just washed myself!

No matter what happens, Athena is going to win.


9 thoughts on “Bath-ing on the Bath Mat

  1. Beautiful kitty.

    Mine love the bathroom, especially running water. So much so that I am not allowed to be in there without feline supervision. Should I sneak in unobserved, as soon as they realize it there are mournful yowls at the door.

    • Thank you. Before her “arthur” (left wrist) got bad enough that she stopped jumping down (or up onto hard surfaces), as soon as a two-foots entered the bathroom, Athena was perched beside the sink, demanding that water be run so she could drink. I’m glad she never figured out how to work the faucet lever, or the water bills would have been horrible.

  2. Eric, you have my sympathy! At least with showers they mostly stay on the other side of the curtain – although Ashbutt will try to bat at me through the shower curtain. With baths, especially epsom salt baths of oh-my-aching-muscles, I get thorough commentary on the unacceptable temperature, smell, and taste of their new waterbowl. And why am I in the waterbowl?

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