Overheard in the Halls: Autumn 2017 Edition

Irked Student: How did this happen? [waves piece of paper] I’m not in either of the study-halls I wanted.

Fr. Pax [headmaster, chief of the schedule software]: That’s because Sr. Perpetua and Mrs. Scales have both asked that you not be in a study-hall with [Overeager] or [Senior Prankster].

I.S.: But we don’t talk. Much.

Fr. Pax: [silent look over glasses]

Mr. Dvorak [passing behind Fr. Pax]: [snort of disagreement]

I.S.: Much.


St. Scholastica [the Dean]: Was there an exam today or has low pressure moved in? I see a lot of dark clouds in the Middle School wing.

Miss ABX [new 7th and 8th grade math teacher]: The first pre-algebra quiz was today.

Sr. Scholastica: All is explained.


I was working with the door open but the lights down, and overheard:

Sophomore boy: So, what are you going to paint on your parking spot?

Jr. Boy: Haven’t decided. Maybe my dog. Or a stop sign.

Sr. Prankster: I wanted “broom parking. All others will be toad” but then Mrs.—

Silence from the commons, aside from adult footsteps. I glanced up and saw one of the senior math instructors walk by.

Jr. Boy: So, [pause] what did you get for number ten?

Sr. Prankster: The cube root of one half x over three, but that doesn’t seem right . . .

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    • The parents of juniors and seniors can rent specific parking spots for their kids. You are allowed to customize your rented spot, within limits. Those students with licenses, permission from parents, and good grades and conduct are permitted to drive to school.

  1. Students “had” parking spots when I was in school. Certainly nothing official and I have no idea what would have happened if someone tried to personalize it, but certain parking spots “belonged ” to certain students, and you were risking retribution if you ‘stole’ their spot.

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