Flower Power! (OK, and potting soil, and rain power too)

So, you may recall that I gave in and brought home two pots of scraggly, desiccated miniature roses. I potted them up in decent soil, added water, and have been ignoring them, except to move them under cover when hail threatened.

The lavender colored ones had all died, so I got a red and white stripe and a purple. The purple turned out to be pink.

They just followed me home, Mom. Really!

Those were July 14. A month and a bit later . . .

I think they like it here.

I’m going to call the red and white one “Peppermint Drop.” There are actually four plants in the pot, so I need to find four holes in which to stick said plants.

Now, those photos were taken a week ago. This is taken Monday afternoon (at 15% eclipse, for any who are curious).

August 21 roses. Notice how the stripes have gotten more intense.

The thing in the terracotta pot is dead. It has been dead for over a year. No, I don’t know why it is still in the pot.

Getting some vertical growth as well as bushiness.

The pink rose is not as striking as the red and white stripe.

No idea what the real name is.

So it’s pretty neat what good soil and lots of water will do.

Now, we have to find a place for these minis, and for three of the four full-sized roses DadRed impulse bought from Heirloom Roses. Number four, a climber, has been “stuck in the ground” already so it can root in before winter.

5 thoughts on “Flower Power! (OK, and potting soil, and rain power too)

  1. I’ve heard of animals following people home, but never roses… đŸ˜€ Looking good, though! So you officially have a green thumb.

    • I’d seen them on Saturday, but didn’t have any cash on me. They looked so poor, and pathetic, and it sounds silly, but I felt guilty for not rescuing a few. So Monday I went back and found two that looked as if they might survive.

      • Doesn’t sound silly at all!

        Not when I spent eight months taking a Christmas cactus in the office from almost-dead to flowering…

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