Because I’m Feeling Scaly . . .

St. George in Stockholm. A replica is in a museum church in Lübeck, because the carver was from Lübeck. The piece was dedicated in 1489, and is over three meters tall.

St. George in Berlin.

St. George in Philadelphia. Interesting sculpture, but it doesn’t work for me.

This one works. Not certain where it’s from.

As an aside, I found that image at this web-site and post. Dragons, dragons, dragons . . .

Yeah. This one. Carpaccio gets it.

Yes, it’s a Rubens. How could you tell? 😉

And now for something a bit different . . .

From the Michaelerkirche (Church of St. Michael Archangel) in Hamburg.

I realize that St. George’s reputation isn’t what it used to be, but I fear the days of St. George, Santiago Matamoros, Our Lady of Victory, and St. Michael Archangel are coming again.

Who will take up the mantle to slay the chaos dragon this time?



10 thoughts on “Because I’m Feeling Scaly . . .

  1. I think the earlier ones, with St. George using a lance, would be more likely to prosper against a large animal than the Ruebens with only a sword. Speaking of which, the Ruebens reminds me of the Reverse side of the ‘traditional’ British Sovereign, thought it is different enough I’m sure it isn’t a copy.

    • The Rubens was done around 1608. He traveled a great deal, so it is possible that 1) he saw the coin or 2) it was a common pose when someone commissioned St. George but narrow frame. According to the Museu del Prado site, he kept the painting until his death.

  2. I don’t think I would go naked except for a helmet and a sword to slay a dragon. Body armor and a hellalong lance seem the ticket, if RPGs aren’t yet invented.

  3. Interesting set of poses among the various sculptures, all trying for the ‘heroic’ pose… And yes, Peter IS infectious… sigh… At least you only get him occasionally… 🙂

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