Saturday and Sunday I will be at Ama-Con, along with Peter and Dorothy Grant, J. L. Curtis, and the LawDog. Not all at once, probably, but we’ll be taking turns manning a sale table and selling books, autographing books, and doing Con stuff.

Admission is $5/day or $8 both days, at the door. I’ll be selling copies of Carpathian Campaign and Alexander, Soldier’s Son. You can get Ivan the Purrable’s paw-tograph if you so desire. Books will be $10 per copy.

Coming to downtown Amarillo from the south, north, and east is mildly exciting to vaguely dull. If you will be coming from the west on I-40, may $DEITY$ have mercy on your soul because of the work at I-40 and Bell.


3 thoughts on “Ama-Con

  1. If it wasn’t such a long drive a mere two weeks before another trip, I’d consider. As it is, I hope you lot have a fun and productive convention.

  2. It’s 1,127.7 miles from Woodstock to Amarillo. That’s not the problem.
    The problem is dying on the spot from fanboy disease from meeting the luminaries.
    I’ll just adore you all from afar.
    And sigh, deeply, every once in a while.

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