A Day in the Life

People what’s the life of an author like. Um, quiet, unless Life has decided to Happen. Far quieter than school (accidental fire drills, student cabals, a murmuration of teachers, the occasional parental explosion, the occasional chemistry explosion…)

Johannes Gutenberg, being introverted. Or the author, hiding.

So, in an attempt to cure any of my readers who suffer from insomnia, here is a day in the life, in this case a Sunday. Continue reading

That Didn’t Take Long


“Take Down Monuments to Native American Oppression” states the opinion essay by Julian Brave NoiseCat (Secwepemc/St’at’imc) in the High Country Journal. The author argues that once Lee, Jackson, Forrest and other statues are gone, streets re-named, schools re-named, and the human face and valor of those who fought for the Confederacy or who owned slaves have all been eradicated, it is time for Columbus, Father Serra,* Juan Oñate, and others to vanish as well, lest any honor be given to the perpetrators of genocide, slavery, and racism. Continue reading

Being a Professional

I consider myself a professional musician. I do not sing or play an instrument for a living, although I have been paid in the past, and the chorus I sing with at the moment gets paid as an organization. However, I do additional private practice sessions, I show up for rehearsals and concerts even when I do not feel like it, and I do my best to support the organization and its goals. Although I do not earn income from singing, I act as if I were under a financial contract instead of a purely moral one. That’s what a professional does. Continue reading

Disappointed, not Surprised: Doctor Who and the BBC

So it was announced that the Doctor, the humanoid alien main character of the TV series Doctor Who, will be played by a woman beginning next season. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-40624288

I’m a little disappointed, not in the BBC’s choice of people to play the role, but in their apparently bowing to pressure to have the character change sexes. I am also not surprised in the least, because the last two times the Time Lord regenerated, activist fans demanded that the character be played either by a minority man or by a woman. One person said she was disappointed when the current actor was cast, because the BBC “missed an opportunity” et cetera et cetera. And that’s what irks me about the decision. Continue reading

Delay of Post

I bumped today’s post into later this week because I need to fact-check some things. I’ll have a rant about the BBC and pop culture later today. My brain is still drained from finishing the book over the weekend.


Caffeine. Need Caffeine….

Signal Boost

LawDog’s long-awaited book, then one his blog followers and friends have been pestering, harassing, and begging for is finally out! The print edition is coming soon, but e-book is out. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073XSYG63/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500142635&sr=8-1&keywords=D.+Lawdog

I’ll do a formal review later this week, but I can tell you that this is a fun book. Just don’t read it in locations where laughing aloud is frowned upon.

Weights, Body Mass, and an Annoyed Alma

Just once in my life I’d like to fit what textbooks say is “normal.” I’d also like to lose 15 pounds, gain an inch and a half in height, and discover a workout that doesn’t require the physical effort. Winning the lottery would be nice, too.

I recently added, or I should say returned to, bent-over rows, more flyes, and other upper back and shoulder exercises. I do this with some trepidation, in part because of injuries in the past, and in part because I can’t afford to replace any more shirts. Continue reading