Sudden Attack of the Cutes

Once a month Athena T Cat  goes to the cat wash. DadRed has mild dander allergies, and having her scrubbed and de-dandered helps keep things from getting out of hand. It also thins out her two coats of hair, reducing hairballs (as does daily brushing). Athena has strong, loud, opinions about being transported to the cat wash. Loud, vociferous, constant opinions, including words I can’t use on this blog. I have no idea where she learned them from, either. I certainly don’t use that kind of language around the cat.

And then she comes home. While at the cat wash she is quiet and doesn’t fight or fuss. Once she gets into the house and the carrier door opens, she launches a bit like a multi-colored Saturn V, except without the smoke. And gives us guilt trips all day.

How could you do this to me? I’m wet, and skinny, and there were ….dogs.

And then comes the flop.

Pet me!

11 thoughts on “Sudden Attack of the Cutes

  1. Funny how that works, when it is hot out my dogs will flop down and roll around in a mud puddle or lay down in the creek, but let me wet them down with the hose I like I did yesterday and they will go stand in the hundred degree sun, shake, and give me a look remarkably similar to Athena’s first picture.

    • I think it comes down to do the dogs start it or the human? If it is the dogs (or Athena’s idea, like rolling in the still-wet bathtub was when she was younger) then water is great. If the human instigates it, oh the woe!

  2. Aw, poor cute cat! The terribleness of being ripped away from all that is familiar, and… forcibly groomed! By strangers!

    She does the pathetic guilt trip remarkably well. Does it ever get her extra treats?

    • Not from me, but the not-a-cat-person-really-I’m-not has been known to give her extra kibble “since she was stressed.”

  3. One of my kitties had some kind of skin allergy that the vet eventually attributed to “possibly mites.” The cure was to completely wet the cat in some lime/sulphur based solution for something like 20 minutes, then rinse, and I think repeat in a week or so. Of course to fend off re-infection, or re-miting, or whatever, I had to do ALL the cats, which at that point was a population of three or four (was 15 year ago).

    The cacophony (cataphony?) was horrendous, not to mention the odor. The cats barely spoke to me until it was dinner time.

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