July ’17 State of the Author

Warm. It’s July in Texas.

August 5 and 6 I will be at AmaCon, the pop-culture Con in Amarillo that is sponsored by the Amarillo Public Library. I will be with Peter Grant, Dorothy Grant, J. L. Curtis, and the Lawdog. I will have books available for purchase and to sign, or you can BYO. (Carpathian Campaign and Alexander, Soldier’s Son. Ivan’s paw-tograph is available for the Alexi book).

Shikhari, the first book in that series, will be out in September. It is suitable for younger readers, say 13 and up, but I’m not marketing it as YA.

Grasping for the Crowns, the second Powers book (WWI Alt-history) will be out in late November or early December. Against a Rising Tide will be out probably next summer or perhaps I’ll wait and do an Armistice Day release.

In Sheltering Talons is the last Cat book, and is scheduled for early 2018. I have a lot more material but 1) sales are declining and 2) this ends on an upbeat note.

Fountains of Mercy, Colplatschki #8, will follow later in the spring. Because of decreasing sales, I have decided not to release #11.

I also anticipate releasing Staré, the second Shikhari book, next spring.

There may be an urban fantasy short-story set coming out this fall. I have not gotten the stories written yet, so that’s up in the air.

I suspect there will be a sequel to Of Merchant and Magic. There is also an alt-hist steampunk story, possibly a novella, set in Hamburg that I’m working on, and an idea for an Asian-flavored fantasy novel that I’ve started research on. No, I’m not going to go all Guy Gavriel Kay on the material. Song Dynasty, and not nearly as long as his take on the Tang Dynasty. I don’t do casts of tens-of-thousands.

The pre-historic fantasy is on the back burner for the moment. I suspect I need to do a little more research before it gels.


9 thoughts on “July ’17 State of the Author

  1. Rada has finally started aging over the last few centuries and slowing down. And the cumulative psychological effects of everything that’s happened to her, while realistic, are depressing to read.

    Loved the stories of Pjotr Velik. They were a nice addition to the Colplatschki tales. They felt really well researched.

    Looking forward to the Shikhari stories, although the name is difficult.

    Liked the excerpts from the Merchants and Magic story. It’s interesting to see trade done as the main plot. It worked really well in the nnn Share series, and it looks just as interesting with magic replacing the high tech.

    • Thank you! 🙂 And yes, it’s no fun to read about characters aging and the miles catching up with them. I may release a bit of a spoiler note after the final book is released, just for those who really, really want to know The Rest of the Story™.

      I forgot to mention that I have a short story in J. L. Curtis’s Calexit anthology that will release this fall.

    • I don’t know. I suspect once I get the Hamburg story done, it will solidify some things and I will go back to the worlds of Language of the Land. Right now I don’t sense a sequel sneaking up on me, but I’m a little scared to glance over my shoulder. 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you aren’t planning on releasing Colplatschki #11, that is my favorite series of yours. I know some authors ride their series completely into the ground and then continue to beat a dead horse, but I haven’t seen that at all in your Colplaschki series, so the declining sales aren’t from me!

    For that matter I continue to like the Rada stories, in fact I think they have gotten better as they went along. But agreed that it probably needs to be wrapped up soon, Rada is getting to the point where she is not going to be able to lead soldiers and actively fight much longer, and unlike the Colplatschki novels I don’t see a plethora of other main characters waiting in the wings.

    • We’ll see how #8 does. I’m not deleting the file, just taking it out of the schedule so people do not look for it and wonder what’s going on. At the moment the demand is lagging.

      Rada is having to accept that the miles have caught up with her. She does not like this fact one little bit. 🙂 I sympathize.

      There might, just might, be a book about Joschka’s great-grandson at some point. Might. I don’t know. He’s hinted a few times but nothing clear.

      • I sympathize also. I plan on putting a lot more miles on this body, but I think it is going to require some maintenance and repair soon. The engine runs fine, but the exterior is a little banged up and the running gear is worn out. And the suspension is sagging 🙂

  3. That’s the same weekend as Armadillocon. I don’t think I’ll be able to swing that one, but I’m trying, If I don’t make Armadillocon, I may try to pop up to Amarillo for part of the day.

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