A Day in the Life

People what’s the life of an author like. Um, quiet, unless Life has decided to Happen. Far quieter than school (accidental fire drills, student cabals, a murmuration of teachers, the occasional parental explosion, the occasional chemistry explosion…)

Johannes Gutenberg, being introverted. Or the author, hiding.

So, in an attempt to cure any of my readers who suffer from insomnia, here is a day in the life, in this case a Sunday.

0545 Turn off alarm. Feed cat. Athena gets fed twice a day with dry, no-grain, mature-cat cat-food.

0600 go for a walk. There’s been a storm overnight and we had sort of buttermilk skies and a pink and gold sunrise, a bit like a Tiepolo ceiling. It has been far more humid than usual, so we have had very soft skies.

0645 clean up from said walk (seventy degrees and ninety percent humidity)

0715 – breakfast

0815 – assist musicians at first service

1045 – ” ” second service

1300 – dinner. When I’m on my own, I prefer to eat in the morning and early afternoon and skip supper.

1330 – do small hand-wash of stuff that doesn’t like the washing machine, or that bleeds into everything else.

1400 – launch into whatever writing project I’m on. In this case finishing Of Merchant and Magic. I try to write six days a week, or seven if I’m facing a time-crunch, as I was at the moment.

1700 – feed cat who has been loudly starving to death since 1530.

1800 – back-up computer, give treats to cat, fill cat’s water-dish with ice, read. She gets 6 treats, since the vet pointed out that she’d crept up from fluffy to chubby. I can now feel her flank-tuck again, but she still only gets six treats. With her arthritis, she does not walk as much as she should, so she has to eat less. She disagrees vehemently with this idea, as you can well imagine.

2100 – remove cat from lap and go to bed.

2115 – remove cat from bed

2200 – Ditto.

0300 – Ibid.


5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Why is cat removed from bed? I usually sleep with puppy on an admittedly king size bed.

    • Twin bed, and Athena takes her half out of the middle. And she pins me down and I get cramps from not moving (“cat-cramps”).

  2. Sounds awesome. Mine has a lot more “go see what the boy is doing” moments in it, along with “Honey, can you…?” variables.

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