Signal Boost

LawDog’s long-awaited book, then one his blog followers and friends have been pestering, harassing, and begging for is finally out! The print edition is coming soon, but e-book is out.

I’ll do a formal review later this week, but I can tell you that this is a fun book. Just don’t read it in locations where laughing aloud is frowned upon.


6 thoughts on “Signal Boost

    • Congress might be appropriate, as long as you don’t rename the various “Critter” characters after people within ear-shot. The proctologist’s or urologist’s waiting room would probably be a bad location.

      I was laughing so hard yesterday evening that the cat fled the room. And these are just his law enforcement stories. Some of the Africa stories… oh my lawdy lawdy. 😀

      • Oh, yes. We all look forward to much expounding on Squeaks the mongoose, and on the ratel.

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