Occupy:Toilet Mat Summer of ’17

After a long hiatus, in part caused by the humans in the house not using Athena T. Cat’s bathroom, Occupy: Toilet Mat resumed with a ‘MerrrrRRRRROOOOOOW!’ in late June.


For those who are new to Redquarters home-grown Occupy group, it began two years ago or so, when Athena discovered that the little mat in front of the commode in “her” bathroom was comfortable, quiet, cat-sized, and gave her near total control over the humans attempting to use the bathroom. She also discovered that it allowed her to send humans on middle-of-the-night guilt trips for stepping on her, because a dark calico cat on a dark brown mat in the dark is, well, invisible.

Occupying the Toilet Mat also allows Athena to importune anyone who passes through for food, in hopes that at some point, someone will forget exactly when she was last fed. This has been known to be successful on occasion.

Please, sir, may I have some more?

DadRed: Alma, you forgot to feed the cat.

TXRed: No, sir, I fed her at 0545.

DadRed: Well, her bowl was empty and she looked hungry so I gave her a little more.

Athena T. Cat: Buuuuuuurp.

Over here? No, let’s see about this spot. This bit looks softer.

Flop. Ahhhh. Zzzzzzz.



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  1. If it’s any consolation, our two St. Bernards have realized that the tile floor in the bathroom stays nice and cool. They’ve achieved expert proficiency at sprawling.

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