Church Remnents

The tower and part of the nave of the cathedral of St. Mary in Wismar.

You are looking at a sawed-off cathedral. Or rather, what is left after a war and Communism meet a cathedral. The building “was damaged” by someone, the displays are careful not to say whom. Then it remained a shell until the DDR government blew up the remains, leaving the tower standing.

This is what once was.

The model shows the before and the after.

What remains is a nice little museum about medieval church construction. There was no stone in the area, so all the churches and castles are made of brick. Brick Gothic is a major historical thing and you can take tours along the Brick Gothic route.

But religion was the opiate of the people, and the church is no more.


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    • I would guess that it is because Wismar is a Hanse city, and the Communists looked at the Hanse as one of the leading steps when the proletariat challenged the feudal order. But it could also be that they didn’t want to waste dynamite and they’d put an antenna on the tower or something mundane.

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