Manhole Covers?

Hansestadt Stralsund , on the Baltic

So, I discovered that historic cities have interesting manhole covers.

Hameln, of Pied Piper fame.

Rinteln is a small, pretty city that is still a star-fortress, more or less.

Hansestadt Rostock, one of the chain that stretch from Lübeck across the Baltic coast.

Frei-und-Hansestadt Hamburg.

Buxtehude, just across the Elbe River from Hamburg and known because of a musician from there.

And Hansestadt Stade, another lovely small city and former Hanseatic League member.

Oh, yeah, and then there were these…

Yes, Hameln, how could you tell? Follow the rats to get a walking tour of the city’s highlights.

I first noticed Odd Things in the Pave in Münster, where one of the streets in the Altstadt has round plaques that include a piece of stone from each of the major Hanseatic cities. And then I noticed Hamburg’s seal on the manhole covers, and then I started looking for interesting manhole covers. Not every city (Wismar, Lübeck) had them, and not all of them are hanse cities. But it was interesting to look and see.


8 thoughts on “Manhole Covers?

  1. I wonder how many US cities have anything similar. Have spent considerable time in Wisconsin and the general region, I generally see manhole covers with NEENAH FOUNDRY on them.

  2. Some of the ones around here have the name of the city cast in them, but no fancy designs. I have seen one that said Pullman, WA though… on a manhole in Moscow, Idaho. 😛

      • I always expected to find the Moscow manhole cover on a manhole in Pullman, but never did. I have no idea if I just never worked in the right part of town to see it, or if there wasn’t one there.

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