5 thoughts on “And Don’t You Forget It …

  1. “Cat remains are scarce,” says Eva-Maria Geigl, a paleogeneticist at Institut Jacques Monod and an author on the study. We don’t eat cats for food, so their bones don’t end up in ancient trash piles the way pig or chicken bones do.”

    Obviously they didn’t do much investigation in Asia.

  2. Heh. I’ll bet that the scribe what composed “Pangur Ban” thought his cat was plenty domesticated. I know prior to kitty litter, there were pans of earth for the cat’s, ah, night soil.

    • True, but far more people put cats outside rather than getting sand pans. And packaged kitty-litter doesn’t require having a source of dirt, other than going to the store and buying it.

      • And a package of kitty litter is good for putting out grease fires. (Yes, that’s personal experience, and no, I don’t want to discuss it.)

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