Poof! There it Was

I’d taken advantage of the low overcast, brisk, cool wind and time off to indulge in a stroll at noon. Yes, I still wore a hat, dark glasses, and long sleeves. The hawks had been playing, the swallows swooping, and a mockingbird was harassing all and sundry. Two large vans full of preschoolers from one of the churches had taken over the park, generating much noise and stirring up lots of bugs from the grass, to the delight of the birds around. And someone had walked a dog with “digestive distress” and had not bothered to clean the sidewalk. Once I got home, I opened the windows. It was 67 outside, 72 inside, and no dust, so why not air the place out. As I cranked the front windows open, I noticed one of out gazillions of white-wing doves making its leisurely way across the street, flapping in a sort of desultory manner, not really watching for


A cloud of white feathers exploded and the dove was gone. Something grey streaked past the windows, and the blue jays erupted in a mass of danger calls.

A little late there, dudes.


2 thoughts on “Poof! There it Was

  1. Another one down! Here’s to a successful hunt, and the feathers in someone else’s yard.

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