Product Review: Sophresh Cat Litter

Short version – a very good cat litter for Athena. And for her chief tidier-up-after-Athena person. Biodegradable, non-clumping, scent isn’t overwhelming, no dust.

Longer version: For years I’ve been using FelinePine, a sawdust-based cat litter. It is very good, and is also biodegradable, but dust is a nuisance. I didn’t mind, but MomRed decided that something different was needed, and I came home from the Day Job to discover a new sack-o-litter in Athena’s and my bathroom. Sophresh.

It was fantastic! Easy to clean, a faint scent that faded quickly and that Athena did not object to, non-clumping and it lasted several days longer than the older brand (the experiment was forced by bad weather and the disappearance of the dumpster for repairs.) The smaller pellets do tend to stick in the spaces in the pooper-scooper/litter stirrer, but that’s a minor matter. It also tracks a little more once the pellets start to break down, but not so badly that it is a problem. And there’s no dust.

PetCo has it, but not locally, so I ended up ordering three bulk bags. 75 pounds arrived in three boxes, stacked in front of the front door. It is now inside the house.

The down sides – if you have a small, air-tight house it might get a bit whiffy at first. If you prefer clumping litter, this doesn’t work. It also does not work in the self-cleaning litter-boxes, although there is a Sophresh variety made for self-cleaners. Some people got upset because they changed the box’s contents daily (since it does not clump) and the price was too much. I change the box weekly without any problems, but I do stir the litter box several times a day to allow the litter to air and dry.

FTC NOTICE: I purchased this for my own use. I received no remuneration from the seller or manufacturer for this review.


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  1. One of the things I like about your blog; you never know what to expect when you open it!

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