I was doing a pretty good impression of a bush-baby. Too bad it was at 0100.

I need to be asleep three hours ago! OK, Cat, your turn to shuffle the cards.

Around four the previous afternoon, after visiting the local native plant nursery (Canyon’s Edge Plants – highly, highly recommend!), Dorothy Grant and I went next door to Palace Coffee. Palace Coffee is a serious coffee place that has won national awards for fancy coffees and such. I’d not been in there before.

I got a vanilla cappucino. Normally, if I drink coffee I drink lattes, because most coffee tastes deadly bitter to me. So a nice cappucino arrives with a sort of firebird-type logo on the foam. We settled in for a sip-n-chat as college kids drifted in and out around us.

Good coffee, seriously good coffee! No bitter, or at least not enough that I was hunting for additional milk and sugar to kill the flavor. We did giggle over the logo a little.

Rebel Alliance? Lords of Hyrule get a new designer?

We drank out coffee and chatted, then went and had a nice supper with Peter, then chatted for a while longer, and all went to our respective places to sleep. Except… I didn’t sleep.

Apparently the coffee was strong enough, late enough in the afternoon, that it kept me going until 0200. Dorothy also had a little trouble nodding off. I thought I had a pretty high caffeine tolerance, but apparently not that high.

Still, it was very good coffee. Just not after 1600 next time.


7 thoughts on “Coffee!

  1. I found myself wishing energy drinks worked for me, on my drive home last night. I normally drink coffee from as long as it takes to perk a pot after I get up in the morning, until I go to bed. I normally don’t like to drink too much shortly before I go to bed, not because the caffeine affects me, but because I’ll be back up in a short while, to get rid of the coffee I just drank.
    But I made it home at 11:30 last night, which doesn’t sound terribly late, except I left at 3:00… AM, and had been either driving or doing hard physical labor all the time in between.

  2. Alma has brought us a paean
    Of praise to the pure coffee baean.
    But, sad to relate,
    She then stays up too late,
    So from it she must herself waean.


    • I am. Which is why I still have a mild headache. Happens every time I come to Europe and cut back my coffee, tea, and cola by 90%.

  3. I’ll have to check this place out the next time I’m up that way. Preferably right before I start the drive home.

  4. Heh, I’m ‘down’ to only 15 or so cups a day. My only problem, like Bearcat, is the oh-dark-30 coffee trade in required…

  5. It was good coffee – and even better company! We need to meet up there again. Earlier in the day. Much earlier in the day. Maybe even before we go to the nursery!

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