Posting over the Next Month

Howdy, your friendly neighborhood blogger here.

If things have been a bit sparse, it is because the End of the Semester is Nigh, with all that entails. You know, chaos, despair, the frantic rush for extra-credit, valiant fights to stay alert and paying attention, the clawing at the coffee maker to get that one last critical drop…

I have been writing posts and pre-loading them for June, as well as for May. I will be with spotty internet at best for several weeks, and so in addition to having posts pre-loaded, the comments will be closed because I might not have access in order to approve things. It will be a once-every-other-day schedule for the most part after Memorial Day until I’m back on solid ‘Net.

Thank you for your patience.


4 thoughts on “Posting over the Next Month

  1. ” the End of the Semester is Nigh, with all that entails.”

    My condolences and congratulations. We finished up a few days ago, and I’m in recovery mode.

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