More Roses

and a few other flowering and growing things.

Ketchup-and-Mustard, planted last year.

You can see why it got its name.

More mustard than catsup at the moment.

Part of the hawthorn tree. It will have crimson berries in the fall… if the robins don’t strip it first. They clean it off in a week. I park in a different place until they finish.

Maroon columbine – no, not from TAMU.

Not quite so purple columbine. The yellow ones started as one plant. They have eaten 15 feet of flowerbed.

A relatively new (2 years old) miniature rose. The big rose that was here died to the root-stock and was removed.

Iddy, biddy columbine. About the size of a quarter, maybe a little larger.

Some yarrow, just because.

Miniature rose Copper Penny, one of the oldest plants on the place. It actually seeded and produced a second plant.

Copper Penny close-up

Index finger for scale on Copper Penny.

Not a flower, but it is growing and will probably be red and yellow and green in a few hours (taken at 1135 CDT May 16)

Drama overhead.

Hey, I see a hole! We can get through no problem. (Famous almost-last words.)

Updated to add: Alas, the storms turned tornadic east of Amarillo and killed one and injured several more in Elk City, Oklahoma as well as causing damage in Texas.

And the fourth RajWorld book’s draft is finished.


2 thoughts on “More Roses

  1. Purty flowers! And sucker holes are named that for a reason… Sadly, that front did take a life, but it could have been much worse. People are paying attention more and more to the Tornado warnings/watches as he weather guessers get better and better at the forecasting.

    • Yep. The couplet-imaging on Doppler radar really is a life-saver. Apparently the fatality was in a camper-trailer that got rolled, according to what I read yesterday.

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