What the Author is Currently Reading – 5/17 edition

So, I had grand plans for a photo post today. Life intervened.

Non-fiction: Robert Gellately Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler  A very good, albeit depressing because of the time-span and subject matter, study of the three dictators of the 1910s-1950s.

Peter H. Wilson Heart of Europe A cultural and social analysis of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations. An excellent book but having a little chronological background helps, because it is a topical history.

Joachim Whaley Germany and the Holy Roman Empire A different take on the balances and politics inside and around Central and northern Europe from the 1400s- on.

Joachim Radkau Wood A history of mankind’s use of wood and how different cultures view forests and wood products. A top-notch environmental history.

Helmut Neubolt  Die Staufer von 1025-1268 a history of the dynasty. Important in the settlement history of northwest Germany.

C. S. Lewis The Abolition of Man essays about religion and society. Written in the early 20th Century but still timely. Not easy reading, but good reading.

Philip Jenkins Decade of Nightmares A history of the 1968-1980 period in the US.

Jeffro Johnson Appendix N A look at the books that influenced Gary Gygax’s early ideas for Dungeons and Dragons. Interesting takes on different books, some I’ve read, some I had not.

Sheilagh Ogilvie Institutions and European Trade a very academic history about merchant guilds and social capital. Very academic.

Fiction:Wilhelmina von Hillern Die Geier-wally A “heimat Roman” a novel about a young woman in the Tyrolian Alps in the mid 1800s.

Tomas Mann Buddenbrooks A classic German novel about a merchant family in Lubeck.

Janet Kagen Mirabile A colony world where someone’s great ideas went dreadfully wrong, in fascinating (for the reader) ways.

Gina M. Wylie Kinsella Oh lordy, I brushed up against the main character when I was a grad student, except she was a biologist. Fun read thus far.

We will not discuss the size of my TBR piles.


5 thoughts on “What the Author is Currently Reading – 5/17 edition

  1. Mirabile is awesome. One of those ideas you hit and say, “Darn, why didn’t I think of that?” And the tulip bats are cute.

    TBR piles, indeed… if I could just get family to leave me alone to read….

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