Book Status Update

The print edition of Alexander, Soldier’s Son is available. However, it has a little problem in one of the headers, so I will need to correct things once I figure out how and re-upload the content file. The stories are all fine, but I didn’t see the headers when I was looking over the PDF conversion. My bad.

Clawing Back the Chaos, the next Cat Among Dragons book, will be available around May 15. Sooner, I hope, but we’ll see.

A question for my Colplatschki fans: which book comes next? The next NovRodi story is set for release in August-September. However, after that one, do you want the origins story (Fountains of Mercy) about the Great Fires, or the third NovRodi book, about Pjtor’s granddaughter-in-law? It would be for a late spring release in 2018.


9 thoughts on “Book Status Update

  1. Third NovRodi story. That way the series comes out in uninterrupted series.

    Assuming that doesn’t burn you out on one story line, if course.

    Thanks for asking!

    • Both books are written already, so it is just a matter of scheduling the editing and cover design et cetera.

      You’re welcome.

    • She has her moments. I’m still trying to sort out where the stuffed lagom toy came from, though. My characters never tell me anything!

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