Overheard in the Halls Part Five

Mrs. Strings (to orchestra students): …And Father Pax says no, “The Liberty Bell March” is not appropriate graduation music. And “March of the Penguins” for the faculty procession is also a no-go.

Orchestra: Groooaaaaannnn.


Mrs. Verbum [English teacher]: Miss Red, a moment please.

Miss Red: …

Mrs. Verbum: What do you know about renaissance artillery?

Miss Red [wondering what I’m about to get in trouble for]:A little. I have some books about it in my collection.

Mrs. Verbum: Oh good! I’ll send [Cannoneer 1 and Cannoneer 2] to speak with you during study hall tomorrow. They want to build a model catapult for use during the Medieval Fest at the end of the month.

Miss Red [knowing I’ll get in trouble for something]: Certainly. I’ll bring the material I have on hand and contact some associates to see what they might recommend.


One every-day uniform option at the school includes a red fleece jacket with the school crest on it. These are very popular, in part because they tend to be slightly oversize and they stretch, so they do not need to be replaced weekly when a student has a growth spurt.

Miss Red [walking down the middle school hall, hears rapid thudding from behind, sees two dozen middle school students rushing in from field trip, ducks into open classroom]: Pardon, just letting the rush pass.

Mr. Dvorak [computer and religion teacher]: Certainly.

Miss Red: I begin to understand better what Pharaoh’s charioteers felt like as the Red Sea rushed in behind them.

Mr. D.: Indeed.


Brother Jefferson [with hands on shoulders of two upper classmen]: Miss Red, do you have space for two more?

Miss Red [who knows better than to ask]: Certainly. Ladies, this way, please.

(Br. Jefferson needed to go spell an AP calculus proctor on short notice. All but these two of his students were taking the test.)


Student-Without-Clue: Where’s Mrs. Strings?

Five other students with clues [All pointing to the announcement and schedule board in the orchestra room]: She’s at District with the small-groups!


Bored Bassist: Didn’t you hear the announcement calling them to the office to check out?

S-W/o-C: No. It was an announcement. Who listens to those?

Other students: … [shake bows at S-w/o-C]


4 thoughts on “Overheard in the Halls Part Five

  1. You mean the garble speaker? I don’t know anyone that ever listens to those… And cannons??? We needz pictures! 🙂

    • We’ll see what ensues. I might not be able to get away from class long enough to document the chaos. The guys want to build a table-top catapult. They are two of my more…. eager… former students. If a trailer pulls up later this month with something capable of launching pumpkins across county lines, I may just hide.

  2. What’s wrong with the Liberty Bell March? It’s not John Philip Sousa’s fault that Monty Python used it for a theme song …

    • 😀 Something about dignity and the tempo being too fast. And too many parents (and faculty) snickering.

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