If April Showers Bring May Flowers…

do April blizzards bring frozen lizards?

(MomRed’s suggestion. I come from a long line of incorrigible punsters. We need NO encouragement.)

So yes, the Texas Panhandle and surrounding regions got between 1-13″ of snow, with 50-70 mph straight-line winds as a chaser. To terribly mangle the Song of Solomon, “For lo, the winter is past, the snows are over and gone, and the voice of the chainsaw is heard throughout the land.” Wet snow on top of leafy branches, especially the fast growing and brittle trees we have in this region, leads to falling branches, falling trees, and the all-too-familiar flash-BOOM sequence of shorting transformers, at least in urban areas. In rural areas, the powerlines “galloped” and broke that way.

Ideally, power lines do not have loops and do not do jump-rope impressions.

Snow in April is moderately common. Snow in May is not impossible. I’ve also seen snow in August, just enough flakes mixed in with a cold misty rain to finish making everyone feel miserable. Yes, Texas is considered part of the South, but elevation makes a large difference. Aided and abetted by the fact that the Rocky Mountains can deflect massive storms and cold fronts east and south, so instead of dumping snow on Santa Fe, NM, eastern NM and Texas get frozen, then buried, or vice versa.

We never lost power at Redquarters, and only a few branches dropped. We prune our trees, keep them fed and fertilized, and one large older locust has cables to help ease the strain of things like heavy, wet snow on leafy branches. Our neighbors weren’t so fortunate, and one tree down the block that always drops limbs at the first opportunity dropped one, this time into the yard and not onto a car or pedestrian.

It’s still a bit of a mess, and we are re-staking, re-securing climbers to their supports, raking up leaf and twig debris, and tidying up in general. And I was “a little” fuzzy Sunday after coming home late from chaperoning a dance, and then startling awake every time a transformer popped. Too many memories of the Ice Storm of ’07, I fear.


8 thoughts on “If April Showers Bring May Flowers…

  1. If not frozen lizards, how about chicken gizzards? Keeping with the whole part of the South theme

      • Hmm…interesting question. I’ve eaten a number of things, including chicken gizzards, but I’ve never had frozen lizards.

        • Iguana can taste like chicken (as in bland), but that’s the only reptile meat I’ve knowingly eaten.

          • I’ve eaten snake (tastes like chicken but has bones like fish) and alligator. Never tried iguana.

      • I’ve had alligator nuggets a couple times when they were ordered as a shared appetizer and they reminded me of gamey chicken nuggets. For some reason I’ve never been inspired to order them on my own.

      • I’ve had gator but never lizard. We don’t have much in the way of lizards up thisaway, other than the rather rare little ones that leave their tails behind for cats to play with… and there really isn’t enough meat on them for much of anything.

        I’ve heard iguana is practically a staple in Puerto Rico, however.

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