It snoweth

“Changing to snow after midnight” they said.

They should have specified more clearly which midnight.

If I ignore it, it had better go away.

UPDATE: 1644 CDT. OK, so it is still snowing a little, and I got the story-bible/world guide for the merchant fantasy story written. My brain hurts.


8 thoughts on “It snoweth

  1. We are supposed to get flurries tomorrow. I just hope I don’t lose my pecans like I did a few years ago when we had a freeze the first week of May.

  2. It is cloudy and warm in DFW. I’m wearing a t-shirt and shorts. It was chilly this week.

  3. I haven’t checked the mulberries yet to see if the wind blew all the immature fruit off like last year. Here’s hoping! It’s chilly, but at least it’s rain. The cats would be sulking over the lack of sun, except we’ve been working in the garage. Who has time to sulk when there are new boxes opened up? Must explore them all!

    • We’ve got snow-flattened plants and one broken tree limb on the hawthorn, but no major damage yet. I’m really, really glad the tree guys cabled the big tree in front two years ago, though.

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