Random Thoughts While Strolling

A glimpse inside the mind of a writer on a stroll through suburban neighborhoods on a lovely spring afternoon. You have been warned.

Why is that mockingbird attacking the tree? Does it think it’s a woodpecker? [squirrel appears in view on tree trunk, missing fur and dignity, frantically struggles to dodge peeved mockingbird] Ah.

Swooof! Oh! Cool! Is that a barn swallow or purple martin?

It was a barn swallow, who buzzed me twice.

Five kinds of grasses, all knee-high. Is the mower broken or are they waiting to cut it for hay? Lush though, oh look, some forbs mixed in as well.

Be nice if some of that virga would reach the ground instead of stopping 400 feet above me. Maybe we should rename it politician rain – lots of promises, looks good on radar, but never delivers.

This, but thicker, and all day. I watched it almost-raining from the classroom window all. Flippin’. Day.

Oh, that’s a new version of the double stroller. Interesting. [Over-under instead of side-by-side]

The original Halloween Tree is still there I see. I wonder if it has woodpeckers. I wonder if it will hit the house when it falls over. They really need to cut that down, its been dead for three years.

Ug, what are they doing, trying to coppice those locust trees? Ick. Pollarded locust just looks terrible. They might as well cut them down and get it over with.

Big dog been by. Wish the owner would clean up after him. [I’ve seen the owner. Never picks up after the dog.]

Hello cat!

I wonder why he’s sitting on the bench with the lawnmower in the middle of the park? City worker? Moving the mower and got tired of pushing? Planning a drive-by mowing of the hay-meadow up the block?

Cool new swing! That’s fantastic. [tire-swing where the tire was cut and twisted to make it look like a narrow-front vintage tractor]

Hmm, someone to the north is getting rain. Nice storm cloud.

OK, there’s the mockingbird. Aaaaan there’s a second mockingbird and its acting defensive. Note to self: do not loiter in front of this house. No grackles or starlings going to use that cedar tree, heh, heh, heh.

[Beat-up Bronco roars past, passenger yells something vaguely rude] Yeah, yeah, dude, come up with something more creative. The guys used that one back when I was in high school.

Glad the clouds hung out today, keeps the winds down. Now if that virga would just come down too…

Hope the weekend freeze doesn’t kill too many plants. Although if its wet, that will help. I wonder if the hawthorn will make it? I’d better make certain Mom’s pet plant comes in tomorrow evening. Glad I’m signed out of choir come Sunday.

What did they feed those roses? That’s supposed to be a shrub, not a wall-o-blooms.

Oh goody, he finally got around to spreading out all that mulch. Guess he got tired of the neighbor asking if he could have it, since it wasn’t being used. Little overboard with the potted plants, though. Sheesh. Do any two pots match? Did someone raid a Talavera pottery factory or something? [27 potted plants in the driveway. Mulch had been stacked up by the fence, in bags, for three years.]

Yes, yes, dog, I know. You are big and mean and a terror to all who dare come near your domain. Yip yap yourself.

You, on the other hand. [Crosses to other side of street because the fence is shaking more than before as very large dog hurls himself at it]

OK, back to work. Wind’s picking up now that the sun is appearing. Better close the back windows. Glad I changed the cat box already.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts While Strolling

  1. Three years? Three months to spread your mulch is excessive, but three years? Oy!

    And thanks for the tree rat vs. mockingbird battle. That was a good laugh!

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