“Don’t be a Cat in the Doorway!”

I have no idea how many times Sib and I heard that growing up. We’d hesitate in the middle of the doorway, either looking at something or trying to make up our mind if we wanted to go out or stay out or come in, and MomRed’s voice would echo down the hallway, ‘Go or come. Don’t be a cat in the doorway!” We heard it almost as often as “Close the icebox door! You’re letting all the cold air out.”


This is why the house cat shuffle was developed. It is not a dance step. It is a tool of self-preservation. Athena loves to sleep in the doorway. The doorway to the bathroom. She is very hard to see in the dark, say at 0330. And it is my fault if I step on or kick her.

She takes up the length and width of a 34″ wide passage.

MomRed just points and laughs.



5 thoughts on ““Don’t be a Cat in the Doorway!”

  1. I feel your pain. The large fluffy black kitten? Yes, he is slowly, slowly learning that I cannot see black fur on a dark wood floor in the middle of the night as I stumble to the bathroom.

    Which means he’s gone from sleeping in the middle of the door to sleeping at the edge of the hall and snagging my ankles as I go past.

  2. It’s not just cats. Our dog will be right behind you or under you chair. So…if you move .. a paw gets stepped upon or rolled over. We aof course apologize and then it’s don’t stand so c lose to me.

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