Farm Fun!

There’s just something cool when you turn a bunch of history-minded people loose in a museum. I earned serious street creds from a group of professors in Oklahoma City by helping them identify which theme went to which Western TV series. I’ve heard interesting stories while lurking behind the next display, pretending not to be listening in. And this was no exception. After all, it is not often that you can spend time looking at something like this, and talking to people who grew up riding on them or working on them, or yes:

First came tanks, then tractors, then more tanks. You’ll still see large treaded tractors on the northern plains.

Yes, this is a farm museum in Lubbock Texas. I’d heard about it, but this was my first chance to go through it. There are a lot more things outside, but it was hot, and sunny, and I was tired, and you get the picture.

Doubletrees for horse-drawn stuff.

There are complete blacksmith’s and mechanic’s shops. With lots, and lots, of stuff. Neat stuff.

Tire-repair, pre-engine and rubber tire style.

And hand tools on three walls, and on benches, and . . .

If you can’t find it, you don’t need it.

Frame and body repair ca. 1900.

And some slightly updated versions.

Why the colors? Because each manufacturer has his own special tools. For those wondering, there is a second grey section for M&M, Minneapolis-Moline.

Oh, yeah, and a toy section that some people I know would commit everything up to and including murder for.

Cases and cases and cases of these, and of pedal-tractors and other stuff.

And if you are sighing over the tools…

I suspect these go back to Pharaoh’s construction foremen, if not farther.

Oh, yeah, and supper was pretty good, too.


8 thoughts on “Farm Fun!

  1. Does the museum cover horse-drawn implements (e.g. hay-cutter, baler, harvester, etc.) from the second half of the 19th century? If so, I may have to pay it a visit as research for my next Western.

  2. Interesting to see an old can of Fltiz sitting on one of the displays. Great pics, and another one I have to add to the list. 🙂

    • There are some interesting museums in Lubbock. The windmill museum is across the highway, down-canyon from the farm museum, and of course the main history museum and the Ranching Heritage museum are what most people think of.

  3. So where did you go for supper? I’m always looking for a new place to try.

    We do have good museums here. I’ve not made it to this one, although I’ve driven by it a time or two. The next one I want to go to is the Silent Wings Museum out by the airport.

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