Here a Day, There a Day

I knew things were going too well…

Sorry, for some reason I got dates of posts wrong. That’s what happens when you are a “wee bit” overbooked while under the influence of decongestants.

And my nasty, evil Muse jumped me with a major new story idea, a fantasy story. Seriously, bad Muse!


5 thoughts on “Here a Day, There a Day

  1. I can totally relate. My allergies have been bad the past few days and my posts on my own blog spares. Heck, my comments elsewhere have been sparse.

    • Yes to both. I have to stop by Ye Drugge Shoppe on the way home and get the teeny, tiny box of decongestant the state allows you to buy.

      • Most of which don’t work, because the stuff that actually, you know… works; can be used to make substances that actually affect your body. So instead they sell placebos. They won’t actually decongest you, or make you feel better, but hey at least if you accidentally mix them with industrial chemicals, poisons and explosives, you won’t accidentally end up with something that is harmful… or at least not something that makes you feel good as well as being harmful.

        • There was a joke at Flat State U that the biker gangs were making a fortune converting meth back into pseudephedrine and selling that on the black market.

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