“It Ties the Room Together.”

The small, patches-of-colors rug that held down the floor in the family room at Redquarters reached the point of replacement, or so Mom and Dad Red said. I hadn’t noticed. I just vacuumed it and swept out from under it. Mom and Dad went rug shopping, found an option and placed an order. Said rug was supposed to be small-ish, say 3′ X 6′, and mostly serve to keep the ottoman from scratching the laminate floor. They paid for the small rug and waited.

The new rug arrived. It was installed.

Wait, you say. Install a throw rug? What?

The largest throw rug in Texas. Note housecat for scale.

As you can tell, Athena T. Cat is not quite certain about this new addition, which is closer to 10′ X 8′ than to 3′ X 6′. It took two weeks before she would walk on it. She still does not care to lie or linger on it.

I think it’s eating the sofa!

The factory shipped the wrong size rug, or actually, carpet. They didn’t charge anything extra for the Largest Throw Rug in Texas (TM), so Mom and Dad shrugged and signed for it. They were not completely pleased when I saw it, blinked, and announced “Nice trophy hide!” I thought it looked a bit like antelope. When asked, Sib opined “Looks like fawn-skin.”

It doesn’t show fur, dang it! Send it back at once.

Athena seems to be adjusting to the new rug. Although I shudder to think what she’d do if I got a new cover for her bed. Probably call the SPCA and file a protest. Or let the kittens into the house.

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  1. Athena is rather set in her ways and routines, isn’t she? It’s a nice-looking rug, well-suited to hiding shed cat hair.

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