March State of the Author

Tired and enjoying Spring Break.

The second draft of the next-plus-one Cat novel is done. At the moment it is around 106,000 words and includes another encounter with the Pack, a secret from Joschka’s past that threatens to shatter his relationship with Rada, an oversized, waltzing fox, and a honeymoon (with werewolf. Maybe.).

The next Cat novel is being edited for late May release.

I have not heard from the acquisitions editor about the RajWorld books, so I will plan on adding them to the rotation for 2017.

The next Colplatschki book is being edited for a September release.

I have a few short-story ideas bouncing around that I will work on, and am waiting to see which novel insists on being written next. A follow-up to Language of the Land may be in the works, or it might not. I’m not sure yet.


6 thoughts on “March State of the Author

  1. Have you a date for To Have and to Hold yet? Does the next Rada book have a title yet?

    • I have a hard date of May 20 on To Have and To Hold (Which will have a new title, because there are too many romance novels that use that title). At the moment it is “Under Sheltering Talons,” but that is rather clunky and will probably change.

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