Glass Noodles in Peanut Sauce (with Cucumber)

So, back in the day when I worked 12 on, 12 off, and those 12 hours on occasionally turned into 20 hours on, ten hours off, I assembled a bank of recipes that I could make, pop into the fridge, and have food waiting when I staggered into my apartment. There is a black bean salad, chick peas with black olives, grape tomatoes, and cheese, and glass noodles with cucumber slivers. Glass noodles, or cellophane noodles, are the translucent noodles that come in a tight mass. I don’t remember where I first found the recipe, but it became one of my summer stand-bys. As usual, there is an element of “a little of this” and “to taste” in the sauce and in how much cucumber you use. If peanut is off your menu, this is not a great dish although I’ve seen tahini substituted.

What you need: glass noodles, a small cucumber (only use one half if you want), peanut butter (either kind), rice-wine vinegar, ginger, soy sauce (low salt is fine)

Can add if like: red pepper, garlic, chopped peanut, minced green onions, thin slivers of carrot.

So, blend about 6T peanut butter, 4-5t rice wine vinegar,  warm water to thin the mix, and soy sauce and fresh grated (or ground) ginger to taste. I go for a sauce thinner than cream gravy; about warm turkey-gravy consistency. This is mostly to taste, because I prefer to the flavors of fat-sweet-sour equal. Some people add sugar, which I find is not needed with most store-bought crunchy peanut butter (smooth is easier to work with). If you want to add the pepper and garlic to taste, do so now. Let sit while you deal with the cucumber.

Cut the cucumber in quarters lengthwise, and clean out the seeds. Then cut the quarters into halves cross wise and cut into the thinnest slivers you can. If you want to add green onions or carrot, cut them into tiny slivers as well.*

Cook the noodles per the instructions, drain and rinse with cold water. Cut into quarter-package lengths or so with scissors. (Cut at the loops on top while they are in the water is pretty easy way to do it.) Put in bowl with sauce and veggies, mix well, and put into fridge. Stir occasionally as the salad chills to keep things marinated. Serve with additional veggies and chopped peanuts if you want.

For a more precise recipe that is a little fancier:

*Sometimes I soak the cucumber in the vinegar for a while to make a sort of pickle, then pour the vinegar into a measuring cup and add more as needed/to taste.

Like this but browner and with chopped peanuts on top.



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  1. I was wondering what the glass was. But then I’ve also wondered what cellophane noodles were called before there was cellophane. Two questions answered, it seems.

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