Ice Sheets – Interrupted

The blog post originally scheduled for today has been postponed due to long editing time and authorial foolishness. I accidentally left the main page at Amazon’s KDP uploading site and lost half an hour’s work.

Because sometimes facepaw is just not enough.

Because sometimes facepaw is just not enough.

Yes, I know better. I need to add some additional material and check a climatology reference before the glacier post goes live.

On the up-side, the steampunk fantasy Language of the Land should be available today or tomorrow. An engineer discovers magic. What could possibly go wrong? A lot, if you are a tyrant.

And someone is not thrilled about being on a vet-ordered weight loss diet . . .

A cat can dream...

A cat can dream…


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      • I have the other problem. Especially once daylight savings time arrives. I can’t be out in the sun, so I have to either go to the gym, or walk at night. I like evening night more than oh-dark-early night.

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