Music Review: Rogue One Soundtrack

Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie  soundtrack. Mp3

Short version – it’s OK.

Long version – It’s a nice adventure film score. There are strong Star Wars (TM) leitmotifs, as in all the main series film scores. You will recognize the “Imperial March,” “Leia’s Theme,” “Tie-Fighter battle” and a few others. Nothing sounds bad, but no movement on the soundtrack leaps out and sticks with me.

Part of this is that the composer did not have the leisure to write a detailed score around the leitmotifs. Michael Giacchino was not the first choice for score composers, and re-shoots and editing of the film cut the time available so much that the original composer couldn’t do it, so Giacchino came in. He produced a workman-like score, one that fills the bill. But it’s not “wow!”

Why is it not wow? The sound lacks depth. Granted, part of that could be that I am listening to the MP3 through cheap headphones, and do not have the sound up loud enough to drown out all background noises. But the bass line seems to be lacking. There’s no weight to the score, which seems odd, given the comparatively heavy story line. Again, this could be just what I’m hearing, but the score feels lighter overall than the movie seems to warrant. This could be what Giacchino was asked to achieve, and if so, he did very well. But the score would benefit from more mass, in my opinion. The orchestra sounds smaller than what I’d expect.

I’d give it a three point five out of five.

FTC Notice: I purchased this music for my own use and received no remuneration from the composer or any other party.


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