Alma’s Dream House

If I were to win the Powerball, and the laws of physics and engineering were abrogated, I could build the perfect-for-Alma house. It would have lots of windows, plenty of space for books, an enormous kitchen, and be small enough to clean easily. And be at least partly underground and tornado proof. As I said, if the laws of engineering were abrogated . . . So, if Alma builds her dream house, it will be in a hillside, with doors and windows facing to the west, and east. A section or so of native grasses and plants surround it, and there will be a playa lake on the section, because I like playas. The house will be built to minimize how much of the surface it occupies, and will be shielded from problems with tornadoes. And designed to snowstorms can’t block the exits. And have a space around it in case of range fires. With magnificent views of sunrises and sunsets, and almost no lights at night so the stars are beautiful.

Inside the front entry there’s a wooden floor—no, scratch that, sturdy flush-set tile that’s easy to clean and sturdy enough to stand up to boots, hiking and otherwise. There a peg-row for coats, hats and the like, and a bench for removing muddy or snowy boots and shoes. To one side is a seating area for conversations, or just reading and watching the world go by. The other side leads to a snug study with an attached library. The sitting area is in pale colors with a wooden floor and a few throw rugs or sheep skins or a buffalo-hide. (Or maybe a polar bear, just to look at and imagine the activists weeping into their sustainable, organic micro-brewed beer.)  The study is dark, very Victorian English with open storage and book cases on two walls, floor-to-ceiling, with reference things that I use on a regular basis. There are art photos of the American West and fantasy prints on the walls. And a cat-tree in the corner, to keep any pets from lounging on the desk. (Futile hope, I know). Maybe framed book covers, since after winning the lottery, I’ll be able to afford someone famous to do my cover art.

The kitchen is very large, with a seriously big fridge and freezer, natural gas stove and oven, space for a Kitchen-aid stand mixer and a good-sized food processor. A nice supply of cast-iron, low-stick, and miscellaneous pots and pans are within easy reach, and there is a very large pull-out shelf for sweet spices, a second for savory spices and herbs, and a lower pull-out for oils, vinegars, and other “liquids-you-add-to-food.” There will also be a secondary super-pantry with staples, a chest-type freezer (with a step-stool so I can get stuff out of the bottom), and one of those nifty racks for canned goods.

The bathroom will have a very, very large hot water heater, and a soaking tub, plus the usual. And decent lighting, but with an option for dimmer light. Attached to the bathroom is the litter-box room, with cat stuff.

My dream house has a surfeit of closets. My skirts and dresses take up space – there’s a lot of fabric in a Victorian skirt.

And then there’s the library/reading room.

A good start, but those chairs? No, I want back support.

A good start, but those chairs? No, I want back support.

This works for the annex.

This works for the annex.

With a nice decorated ceiling, of course. To lighten things a little. Like, oh,

Admont Abbey library, and it is even magnificent in person. Those statues at the end? Life size.

Admont Abbey library, and it is even more magnificent in person. Those statues at the end? Life size.

And a few guest bedrooms, because people will want to come over and borrow books. I know my tribe. So there will be a nice dining room near the kitchen as well, plus a breakfast/snack-nook in the kitchen.

The laundry area will be between the bedrooms and the garage, with a small-load top-loader washer, a commercial-size front load washer, and a decent dryer, plus expandable racks for air drying and a sweater dryer. The laundry will have a separate water cut off, and steel hoses, not rubber. And an easy-access dryer vent clean-out.

At least one good back-up generator, back-up water and sanitation, a wind-charger for back-up back-up, a three car garage because of tools, and well, you know how tools multiply and garage stuff expands to fill all available garage. The workshop will attach to the garage, but not with house access except through the garage. The woodshed will be near the garage, on a concrete pad with metal on three sides and the roof, to reduce fire danger.

I may or not add a private airstrip and stables at some point.

As I said at the beginning, if I win the lottery and the laws of engineering and physics are set aside. . .

12 thoughts on “Alma’s Dream House

  1. Impressive. I like it. Though I’d be adding an observatory of some sort (roll-off roof perhaps?). For the cat tree, it obviously needs to be a ‘box’ elder, with box-oidal branches in places. Probably dark to stay warm in the sunlight. Perhaps a heliostat? Airstrip is good and even without stable as such, fenced property can be grazed (if the neighbors and you get along, don’t have to be your critters). Maybe not as fancy uniform as mowed, but I suspect the setup you’d have would be such that mowing would be minimal if at all.

  2. I second the airstrip and hangar. After all, I might, uh, get forced down by a storm, and have to share some tea and books, and chocolate with you… 😛

    Borrowing books, borrowing spices, it’s all good between friends!

    • I can just see it. “Hi Dorothy. Um,” looks around, “Where’s your Calmer Half?”
      “Oh, there was a little weight and balance and CG problem.”
      “Yeah. After he handed me his pull list, and we figured the pounds-per-book, well, he decided to stay home and wait for the books.” Hands Alma the list. “Is the water hot for tea?”

      • This digital distribution thing is great, in some ways. And you know, I’ve never had a neighbor ask to ‘borrow’ a cup of transistors.

        In some ways, mind.

      • “Because I brought half the stock of the store with me in sampler form. I figure, as long as we’re looking at lists, we can make a Tea list.” As she ties the airplane down, she grins at her friend. “Do you suppose my husband asks for great big amounts at a time because he doesn’t want to travel every two or three books, or because he doesn’t want to be witness to us having girl time?”

  3. Nice dream library, er, house, ideas. Those library photos are envy-inducing.

    I think my dream house would be like one of the park lodges, but with a great library. Lots of wood and stone, Indian rugs, and comfortable wood-and-leather furniture, with plenty of fireplaces. It wouldn’t have to be as larges as one of the massive ones like the Old Faithful Inn, Many Glacier Hotel, or El Tovar, and I wouldn’t want one of the modern lodges like many state parks and some national parks have. Shenandoah’s Big Meadows Lodge, Bascom Lodge atop Mount Greylock, or the Bright Angel Lodge at the Grand Canyon are more the scale I’m thinking of.

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