February State-of-the-Author

Short version: recovering from back-to-back upper respiratory messes, the second of which came with mild viral conjunctivitis. Thursday was the first day I actually felt mildly creative and up to doing more than typo hunting.

So . . . The next Cat book, which will have a different title than what I’d planned because there are a gazillion or so romance books with the title To Have and to Hold, will either come out in late May or early July. Why the gap? Because of my being away from the computer in June, or at least that’s the plan at the moment. If it gets done when hoped, then there will be a May e-book release and a July print version. Otherwise both will be in July.

Because of the delay, I am going to try to get the steampunk novel Language of the Land out in March. I re-read it last week and it’s not as bad as I thought it was. It is not related to any series or world I’m currently writing in.

I also need to get Alexander, Soldier’s Son out in paper. That is this coming week’s goal. It had been on the queue when I got sick and had a bunch of work-related life happenings arrive at the same time.

I’ve started what will be the first four chapters of the next-next Cat book.

The next Colplatschki book is being edited at the moment, and I hope it will be out in September, with the next WWI book in December.

I apologize for everything being off schedule. I had not realized just how popular the editor I’ve been working with had become – he now has several months’ work at any given time, which is great for him and I’m glad he’s in such high demand.  But it tossed my schedule for a bit of a loop.

I have not heard anything from the publisher to whom I submitted the RajWorld books. If all remains quiet by the end of March, I will see about adding them to the rotation.

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