A Three-nager Already?

Wow. This blog is almost three years old. It started February 14, 2014.

I published the first Cat Among Dragons book in December 2012.

I’d been hanging around Kris Rusch’s blog, DWS’s place, The Passive Voice, and According to Hoyt for about six months or so, likewise Mad Genius Club. Maybe a little longer, actually. I’d commented on other blogs, including Peter Grant’s place and The Lawdog Files for a while, and had been on the ‘net since the days before the Great Blog War and the decline of the Blog Which Shall Not be Named. [Those who know the blog also know why I don’t want the place or its owner named here, either. That kind of traffic is not good, especially on days when I can’t be on-line constantly to moderate things or catch the start of an attack.] But hanging around on the ‘Net is quite different from the committment of blogging. And I’d never done a website (still haven’t), had no digital image catching device, and blogs were for grown-ups, not for me.

Saul Bottcher and a few others convinced me otherwise, and so I launched Cat Rotator’s Quarterly. The rest is a lot of blog posts and a bit too much of what will be history in 30 years or so.

Thank you to my blog readers and commenters, and to my followers! I appreciate the time you take to stop by and see what’s new, even when it’s a “Sorry for the lack of post” post. Thank you for good conversations, witty comments, and new information.

Oh, yes. And I’ve started going back over the steampunk novel Language of the Land to see about getting it editor-ready.


3 thoughts on “A Three-nager Already?

  1. I started reading your blog back with a link from (ATH/MGC) to “Why Rada doesn’t have to go to EO lectures any more.” I was immediately hooked, and have been enjoying your stories since then.

    Thank you so much for your time and efforts. You’re my ‘her new story came out so stop in the middle of the current book and read hers NOW!’ author. I can’t think of higher praise.

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