Outsiders, Insiders, and Watching Europeans Steam

People who talk about how cosmopolitan Europeans are and how much more open they are to new ideas and people than Americans (usually) are can be found everywhere in the media and on-line. The ones I’ve met in person, once you “scratch the surface,” are usually referring to big-city Europeans, the residents of Amsterdam, or London, Berlin, or Stockholm or Paris, and comparing them to people from Slidell Louisiana or Rawlings Wyoming. I suspect the administrators and politicians who I refer to as Eurocrats have the same mental picture of the other 99.9% of people in England and continental Europe. And indeed, the big cities can and have absorbed a lot of different people and ideas over the years. But there are limits, and I fear that limit is fast being reached.

What inspired/motivated the Eurocrats to more or less open Europe’s borders to the Middle East, North Africa, and the southern ‘Stans is a topic that historians, policy makers, and others will be arguing over and cussing about for decades to come, assuming people left honest records behind. The result has been a surge of young single males for the most part, the vast majority of them Muslim, with varying ideas about what they would encounter once they got to Germany, Scandinavia, and other places. Some of the immigrants truly wanted to escape war and make a better life, and most of those were neither young single males nor Muslim. The rest, well some believed that they would be fed, housed, entertained, have their other needs and desires met, and never have to work because that’s what Europe was like. Some maintained more or less openly that Europe owed them a life of luxury because of [history] or because non-Muslims must obey and support Muslims (the dhimmi contract and the jizya). Even those who came with families brought their culture and found local activists, bureaucrats, and social workers who assured them that they had no need to adapt to local customs, aside from dressing more warmly in winter than they had in Syria.

I was at university in western Germany in the early 1990s, as the 4th (or 5th depending on how you count conflicts) Balkan War was in full spate. A number of Yugoslav refugees had been settled in the town where my campus was, and I can tell you that the locals did NOT like the newcomers. We students were cautioned not to do anything that might make the apartments look as if immigrants lived there, with a strong implication that we were better, cleaner, and more civilized than they were, and people needed to know that. We are talking Europeans in Europe here. Based on that experience alone I could tell you that settling enormous numbers of truly foreign foreigners in small towns and neighborhoods wouldn’t end well. But the European leaders knew far better than a mere observer like me.

The gun-blogger and observer of people Tamara Keel has observed that Europeans can go from “zero to jackboot” with record speed if pressed. I have a dreadful fear that that pressure is coming to a head. When a judge in Sweden rules, in effect, that native Swedish women’s right not to be raped and imprisoned is weaker than immigrants right to freedom of movement and asylum privileges . . . When other officials say that you can’t deport criminals because their home countries are too dangerous, and instead sentence them to a few years in jail and community service . . . When churches and synagogues are vandalized, when town squares become no-go zones for natives, when tourism collapses because “youths” intimidate everyone from visiting and word spreads like wildfire, when self-appointed sharia-law enforcers are allowed to force non-Muslims to obey or leave, and when districts become no-woman zones, people are going to complain. And when complaints are ignored, or are persecuted, then people will step outside the law in order to protect themselves and the people and things they hold dear.

I’ve gotten to duck and hide from a near-mob in Germany, again in the early 1990s. I didn’t stick around, or go back to see what damage had been done. Even I know better. At one point, the Swedes conquered and held a large swath of the Baltic. Pretty soon, the unfinished migrant housing is not what is going to go up in flames, unless someone wakes up, smells the car-b-que, and addresses the problem of an enormous number of military-aged males who refuse to assimilate and who see rape, assault, and disorder as the proper way of showing their manhood and cultural superiority.

The former Warsaw Pact nations have been showing their teeth for the past 18 months and have in essence told Brussels to go do something rude to itself. That those also happen to be the countries with the strongest Christian churches and senses of identity, and a history of being a frontier with a frontier mindset will probably surprise no one. I fear that western Europeans are starting to look at their “betters” and say to themselves, “You say we have been mean, rotten, evil, imperialist, and owe the world for what our grandparents and g-g-g-g-grandparents did? Rotten this, you [censored]!” If it gets to that point, swaths of Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Stockholm and Malmo, and other areas will burn. It could make American inner cities look rather well mannered and calm by comparison for a few weeks or months.

There is NOTHING that makes humans get our backs up like having outsiders shoved into our faces and then ordered to like and “respect” i.e. serve, them. I don’t care who you are, and what the motives of the wiser and better might be, insisting that a community swallow an enormous lump of “outsiders” and like it doesn’t end well.

6 thoughts on “Outsiders, Insiders, and Watching Europeans Steam

  1. I just hope they don’t wait too long. The number of outsiders is raising daily, and the longer they wait, the more fierce the fighting, the higher and wider the flames, and the more atrocious the atrocities will be.

  2. I agree completely. It’s very enlightening to see what citizens on the ground in some of these countries are posting online in spite of governments prohibitions against doing so. I only hope the US doesn’t follow the same path.

  3. People who talk about how cosmopolitan Europeans are and how much more open they are to new ideas and people than Americans (usually) are can be found everywhere in the media and on-line.

    *snickers* And they usually mean “they won’t publicly complain about the stuff I think shouldn’t be publicly criticized.” IE, they share the same standards….

    Also, Americans are terrible about knowing our place. We’ll actually give you an honest answer. 😉

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