2017 – Resolutions and Hopes

So, the calendar New Year is the time when people make grand pronouncements, devise magnificent plans, swear to do or not do things . . . and then wonder where the past 12 months went. Also known as “crud, the gym is full” month.

So, in the spirit of so other foolish endeavors, like trying to grow to be six feet tall, I hereby resolve in 2017:

  1. To publish at least one novel in each of my three major series.
  2. To finish losing the weight I started losing in 2016.
  3. To finish the current novel and at least sketch out a totally new semi-fantasy series.
  4. To publish that academic paper I’m working on.
  5. To go through the books I was presented with and see if they can find a better home (is anyone teaching Protestant religion with an emphasis on the saving power of the United States in G-d’s plan? If so I have a box of teaching materials for you.)
  6. And to stop putting off “those” two medical exams and get them done, out of the way, and dealt with.
  7. To come up with a way to market my books without major risk of someone connecting “writing Alma” with “teaching Alma.” I know, a determined individual could do it easily already, but I need to market better, which I can’t currently do on social media because of stalker hazard and employment.



4 thoughts on “2017 – Resolutions and Hopes

    • Some of these go back a ways, so they are more “continuing with current plan” than truly new resolutions. Your way is probably more likely to succeed.

  1. Re: 7 @20committee has a book on WWI out. If he isn’t false flagging, there might be some sort of joint marketing possibility.

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