Signs of Age?

When you get sweaters and books for Christmas and are excited about them. (Hey, it’s the new edition of Prehistoric Cave Art)

When you could swear that you have a dress with a certain design on it, and you don’t, no matter how often you go through your closet, even using more light just to make certain. (In my defense, I had looked at a dress with the pattern on it, and decided against getting one because I’d already bought something. I think.)

When you discover that you spent four minutes studying the disappearing pattern on a different dress. Actually, it is fascinating, because the print on the dress is the same color, just a little paler, and when the light hits the material of the skirt at an angle, the pattern disappears and it appears to be a solid-colored fabric. I’ve never noticed that before, and I was looking at it, playing with angles and wondering about the optical illusion and what might be happening. Yes, I’m easily distracted.

You know perfectly well that you have a shirt, or two, in a certain color and you cannot find either of them, no matter how hard or where you look. How hard is it for a cream-colored turtleneck with a sheep embroidered on the collar to hide? Apparently not hard. I think it ran off with a white mock-neck and one navy sock. If you see them, send them back.

When you mutter “turn that down” more often than you say “great stereo system!”

You spend 20 minutes looking for a book. You ask other family members and associates to look for the book. No book. Five weeks later you find the book, on the top of a stack, right where it was supposed to be. And no one else has any idea how it got there or where else it might have been.

You discover that the print gets bigger as you move the catalogue farther away.

9 thoughts on “Signs of Age?

  1. Re: the temporarily missing book. This is not necessarily a sign of aging. It could be that Murphy was reading the book you were looking for. He is generally good about putting them back where he found them later.

    Murphy does seem to have a habit of borrowing things without asking first. At least he usually returns them later. Sometimes in interesting places.

    • Yesterday I found a Christmas tree ornament that I’d bought but could not find. It was on a shelf on the bookshelf beside my desk . . . looking at me, where it has been since November.

  2. Just when I think I am about as mundane as mundane can be (who more down-to-earth than an ox, huh?) I realize I do have at least one aspect that might seem mystical to some. I rarely, if ever (and then only temporarily) encounter sock parity errors. And this is not the result of avoiding socks, nor of taking any special technique of pair-insurance. It just happens. Or just doesn’t happen. One of those.

    Signs of age… seeing the “Must be born before $DATE $YEAR” and realizing you can remember that year. And later, can remember it well.

    Having to explain what is common reference for ‘your generation’ (at least in some circles…) I knew I was getting older when I had to explain “18 and a half minute gap” after some comment.

      • I can assure you that I am not mondaine for I am male and I am not known for being fashionable.
        I suspect were I to attempt to adopt a “current” style of fashion, it would immediately cease being fashionable.
        No, I will not wear baggy trousers too low in some inner city area. Ox look stupid enough already.

    • Ha! I got a shirt, a pocketknife, and a shovel,

      I had to order the socks myself, but I was buying them for someone else’s Christmas present, so I just added to the order. 🙂

      • I would love to get a new, lighter weight snow shovel. I had a reinforced plastic one with a half-metal scoop that was fantastic, but it stayed in Flat State with a friend. Now I’m back to 1970s steel and oak that weighs eight or nine pounds empty.

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