New Release: A Carpathian Campaign

The first book in the WWI – interWar alternative history/ secret history series, The Powers, is now available on Kindle. Paperback will be out after the New Year.6274_a-carpathian-campaign_3300x4950

Welcome to a Europe where Fredrick the Great didn’t keep Silesia, where Vienna still has its walls in 1914, and where both humans and non-humans quietly rule Eastern Europe.

“There won’t be a war this year. There wasn’t one in 1908, or 1909, or 1910, and the fussing in the Balkans doesn’t count.”

Or so István Eszterházy believes. In the world of the Powers, the ancient creatures that have worked with the great Houses for a thousand years and more, István knows that even if war comes, it will be fast, brief, and he’ll be on the winning side. And that cavalry rules the battlefield.

But 1914 is different.

Although set in the Cat Among Dragons universe, this series stands alone, and no knowledge of the other books is needed.

Edited to add: At 1400 CST, A Carpathian Campaign reached

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7 thoughts on “New Release: A Carpathian Campaign

  1. I’ve already almost finished it. I’m thoroughly enjoying the ‘real’ history mixed up with the fictional, particularly because the political, cultural and genealogical cross-currents in Eastern Europe at the time were so complex and interwoven. Well done! I’ll put up a blog review next week.

  2. Off Topic, but I’m catching up on my purchases of your books but I seem to be missing Colplatschki Chronicles Book 8 and can’t find it.

    I have Blackbird (Book 7) and am about to purchase Forcing The Spring (Book 9).

    Do you count Marie’s Tale (which I have) as Book 8?

    • Book 8 will be _Fountains of Mercy_, and will be published in 2018. It is actually Book 1 chronologically, about the Great Fires and the origins of the Peilov and Babenburg families (and St. Gerald.) I’m sitting on it because of some problems with the science that I need to iron out.

      • Oh Good! I wasn’t an idiot for not seeing Book 8! 😀

        Now, I hope to see it sooner that 2018. 😉

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