Four Years of Fiction – A Thank You Note

Four years ago, A Cat Among Dragons went live. Until that point, I’d published history articles and book chapters, but no fiction, and certainly had not self-published. I wasn’t even quite certain what it was I’d just published, so I settled on military fiction and time travel as the main categories. And waited. And waited. And released a second book, then a third.

Slowly, sales numbers grew. Slowly, a few reviews came in, generally positive. For quite a while I did no marketing, then finally started a blog, this blog. Sales remained slow but steady. Thus emboldened, I launched more stories, and then a strange novel that had been intended as a short story. Douglas Adams was right, I soon had the most inaccurately named short story in the form of a four-book series.

Since then a lot has changed. I no longer sell through Kobo or Barnes and Noble, because no one was buying through those outlets. I went all Amazon, with mixed results, like most writers. I’ve met a number of wonderful people, fellow writers and a few fans, and heard those sweet, sweet words, “I love you book! When is the next one coming?” I’ve had a few flops, notably 2016, but then so have a whole lot of people, not just writers. This was supposed to be the year I broke even. Not quite, we’ll leave it there. But there’s always next year.

What does the future hold? Lord willing, more books and stories. The Powers books, three alternate-history novels set in the Cat universe. At least two more Cat novels, two more Colplatschki novels. I hope to hear about the future of the RajWorld stories soon.

All this is due to you, readers, who have bought my books, have encouraged me to write more, who have on occasion helped me find flaws and rough spots, and have given me a portion of your hard-earned dollars, Pounds, Euros, and Yen.

Thank you. Thank you for letting me share my stories with you. Thank you for buying my books, and telling other people about them, and leaving reviews. Thank you to my advanced readers who catch things before they get out of hand (and sometimes after, ‘Nother Mike and Dorothy).

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Four Years of Fiction – A Thank You Note

  1. Yay! What didn’t come through inexplicable luck, magical inheritance, or sudden opening between dimensions, shall be yours by persistence! May you have many more years, and the future get better and brighter 🙂

  2. Hang in there, love your writing and tie-ins to history… You make one think and write interesting stories with interesting protagonists!!! 🙂

  3. Love your Cat among Dragons books! I’m eagerly awaiting the next one due in the spring! I’ve bought both Minivandian novels due to seeing it on your blogroll. I read the first one and gulped it down with much laughter. (Excuse my poor punctuation. It’s the middle of the night here in the Metroplex.)

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