Excuse for No Post and Call for Readers

Someone else’s problem spilled into my world yesterday and ate my afternoon/evening. Ah, the joys of being a musician in December. So imagine that there’s a truly insightful, well-written, and uplifting post in this space.

Where my brain wants to be.

Where my brain wants to be.

If anyone would like to join my usual beta-readers in looking over the next Cat novel, please ping me at Almatcboykin AT aol DOT com. Be warned, it’s rather longer than I’d anticipated.


5 thoughts on “Excuse for No Post and Call for Readers

    • Even the Lake Isle of Innishfree is sounding good, nine bean rows or not. I’ve been doing health insurance [redacted noun] for several hours today, thanks to the soon-to-be-former POTUS and Nancy Pelosi. Three policies in three years yanked out from under me, mutter, mutter, snarl.

      • The buzzing of the bees might get old after a while – or maybe you’d just learn to tune it out. Hopefully the health insurance situation will become less chaotic in the future.

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