Chili Verde, Alma Roja

or Huevos Rancheros 1: Alma 1.

A while ago I had a morning off from work and went to breakfast with Mom and Dad Red. We went to a little bakery/breakfast place in town that has a range of eggy things, like breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, quiche, and all sorts of sweet buns, scones, empanadas and so on. I had a busy day planned, so I got the huevos rancheros. With green chili.

For those not familiar with southwestern US cuisine, huevos rancheros literally translates “rancher’s eggs.” You can eat it for any meal, but I usually have a breakfast version. The basic recipe starts with one or two tortillas (corn or wheat, I prefer corn), two-three eggs (I go with two), refried beans or ranch-style beans, chili of some kind, cheese, and salsa. The tortillas form the foundation and sop up the juices, then add the beans, the eggs cooked however you like them, the chili (red or green or Christmas), top with cheese, and serve with salsa, more tortillas, and sometimes hash browns or chopped fried potatoes. You can get far more gourmet if you desire, but the point is a filling breakfast that will keep you going all day, and that uses some of the left overs from the previous evening’s meal.

A rather tidy version, with wheat tortilla. I go for flavor over presentation elegance.

A rather tidy version, with wheat tortilla. I go for flavor over presentation elegance.

So back to the café. A dish arrived with a sausage patty on the side, along with fried potato slices, and a mess of green chili and cheese. Under the chili and cheese I found the eggs (scrambled per my request) and a wheat tortilla. The first bite was good, the second bite was good, the third bite made my lips start to tingle, my ears itched, and my sinuses started to open. By the half-way point one ear had opened, my lips knew I was eating green chili, and I felt quite warm all over. My father helpfully observed that I’d turned rather pink shading into red. Thanks Dad.

Good chili! It opened my sinuses, cleared out my ears, and my cockles were still warm several hours later. it wasn’t the “Hoooooly cats that was hot” spice hangover like the little Thai place in Lubbock gave me, when I could feel every part of my esophagus and upper stomach for five hours after eating, but I knew I’d had good chili.


4 thoughts on “Chili Verde, Alma Roja

    • No, no, your cockles are above your whositz, not below. Sheesh, I though you knew anatomy better. *rolls eyes, gets a decent number for once*

  1. Hehehe, yep it CAN light you up! We did our normal breakfast at the cafe this morning and I got the scramble with Jalapenos. Peter got the ‘fat ass’ burrito and inadvertently got Jalapenos in it too… LOL

  2. I had a similar experience with a ranchero steak once in Green River, Utah. I found that green chilies are quite good at clearing sinuses. The chicken with chilies at a local Indian place is very effective.

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