I Voted

I voted early, because of school responsibilities and rehearsals this week.

In some cases I voted for, in some cases against, and I resisted the urge to write in Cthulu, Godzilla (citizenship complications), Mickey Mouse, None of the Above, or Anyone But Those Currently Running, the last of which describes several local as well as national races.

I studied the bond proposals and the various candidates, shook my head over a few, muttered “You got to be [kidding] me” more than once, and rolled my eyes at least as often. Come on, sir, after thirty-eight years of running unsuccessfully for office it’s time to admit that no one wants you in a position of governmental responsibility, even as assistant secondary back-up dog-catcher. We know you too well.

And tomorrow, no matter the results of the election, Athena T. Cat will start pestering me five minutes before the clock goes off, because she is the Worlds Fluffiest Starving-to-Death Housecat.


6 thoughts on “I Voted

  1. I voted early because it avoided trying to squeeze it into a day with two fillings at the dentist, a vet visit with shots for Ashbutt, and too many other things to do. And tomorrow, I need to get up and go to the pool again, to work off Halloween candy.

    Quite randomly, the office plant that was dying when I arrived – a Christmas cactus – is budding, soon to bloom. Good things do happen!

  2. I voted. It was a deeply depressing experience, staring at top of the ballot, seeing the choices laid out there in cold black ink on stark white paper. I’m trying to diet but found myself compelled to get a milkshake. Hopefully, God shall continue to have a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America, because this year proves our nation needs all the help it can get.

  3. Things are now going to fundamentals. I mean like when an accountant looks at a process and says “this is costing you”. The transforming is over and the respect for actual citizens is going to be returning.

    Having an actual businessman is going to allow soliutions to problems that have never been thought by bureaocrats. Trump understand double entry accounting and government will do ANYTHING to avoid tracking what they spend.

    Something as simple as installing a national 1099-GOV reporting for income redistribution programs will go a long way to controlling waste. Making the 1099-GOV average income be the basic tax credit for every breathing citizen will control government’s attempt to always take more to buy more votes. An illegal gets it? My kids get it, too.

    Leftists NEVER account
    WAGE SLAVES, ie. workers, get W2, 1099-MISC.
    Welfare,SNAP,Sec8,TAFDC, lots of etc, get no standardized national reporting. That’s why inelegible rich people are continually caught feeding in the trough. IN fact, that’s why it is called a trough. Government takes our money, passes their hand over it to establish it as theirs, then dishes it out like water.

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