State of the Author and Release Updates: October Edition

Not as frazzled as usual, which means I’m overlooking something. 🙂

Oh, yes, now I remember. Christmas choir rehearsals, 0715-0750, Tue-Thur.

Oh, yes, now I remember. Faculty Christmas choir rehearsals, 0715-0750, Tue-Thur.

So. The print version of Forcing the Spring will be available in November. I’ve dawdled with uploading the files, my bad.

A Carpathian Campaign, the first of the Powers trilogy, is scheduled for December 15 or so release, possibly a touch earlier. It is the alt-history/ secret history of WWI on the Eastern Front, and features Helmuth Eszterházy’s grandfather, with a supporting role for Joschka’s father-in-law to be. For those who had wondered why certain aspects of Rachel and Joschka’s world are different from ours, now you get to see a bit of that why.

Big news! Alexander Soldier’s Son: An Alexi’s Tale Omnibus will be out this week in e-format, and in print in November. All of Alexi’s Tales plus one (“Firebird’s Feather”) in one volume. I am going to keep the single stories on sale, at least for now. For those who were wondering, the word-count on Alexi comes to over 100,000, making it longer than any novel I’ve written thus far.

I’m submitting the Rajworld story (1.3 novels thus far) to a small press, so after two more chapters, I will not be running any more. I also do not know when it will be released for sale.

At the moment, the next novel out will be the next Colplatschki book, followed by the next Cat book, then the next Powers book.


6 thoughts on “State of the Author and Release Updates: October Edition

  1. Any chance of you posting a map of Colplatschki (the known parts) here on the web site? Being able to see a big (non-Kindle) version would help me with the new Pjtor story line.

    Thanks for your time and efforts, by the way. I really love your stories. Your characters seem more like real people than the average writer accomplishes. And they don’t start out as heroes. They become heroes by acting heroically when necessary. It’s refreshing to see good characters succeed through trained talent, hard work, willpower, and a strong desire to do the right thing. A little bit of luck never hurts either, and adds a bit of spice.

    • *blushes* Thank you!

      I have a map of Elizabeth’s side. I don’t have one for Pjtor’s region just yet, except in my own mind, so I’ll see what I can do. I know the next book will have one, because the action sprawls even more. Ditto the third book. (Protip: If a hyperactive boy shows up as a character, close the file and run. They do not settle down as they grow up.)

  2. A Carpathian Campaign sounds very interesting. I’d previously noticed a few points in the Cat Among Dragons stories where some aspect of history or culture just seemed wrong, and they were areas we’re I’d expect you to know better, based upon what you’ve mentioned of your travels and researches. This led me to the conclusion that either Rada wasn’t in our universe, or that history had been changed. Given the fact Rada and her mercenary band had been fighting at different periods of time in Earth’s history, and that Rada herslef had a time machine, either option seemed more likely explanations than goofs on your part. I eagerly await the book to start learning more.

    I recently heard a bit about the historical WWI campaign at a presentation given by Graydon A. Tunstall, author of Blood on the Snow: The Carpathian Winter War of 1915. The focus of the event was the Great War in the air, so that’s where his focus was. He covered the major campaigns and battles of the Eastern Front, offering capsule overviews of the battles and campaigns while focusing on the role played in each by aircraft. One of the points he raised was that as bad as the Austro-Hungarian defeats were, in several cases losses would have been even heavier without benefit of timely aerial reconnaissance.

    • Ooh, very nice! I mention that work to the director at the church where I sing. He’s looking for things besides John Rutter (we’re doing a Gerald Finzi mini-oratorio this year), and I’ve been informed that the Lord Nelson Mass is not really for Christmas, and we don’t have the budget for scores for the St. Nikolas Mass.

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