Occupy Toilet Mat: Interrupted

Many social protest movements run into difficulties, and Redquarters own Occupy branch, Occupy Toilet Mat! has had a spot of difficulty this past week.

The toilet mat is no more.

It had passed the end of its natural lifespan, and it could not be washed. The non-skid on the backing was crumbling, and trying to comb, beat, or vacuum it produced almost no improvement in the quantity and quantity of, ahem, stuff within the mat’s fibers. The time had come. And after ten years, the mat went.

What the what?

What the what?

Two new mats have been procured, both washable, both made in the US, both properly colored for the bathroom, and a white-bellied semi-longhair cat.

Athena T. Cat, her royal lowness, is not certain what to make of this.

"This is not my [mat]."

“This is not my [mat].”

img_0188 “It looks soft. And high-contrast. Hmm.”

What does "easy care" mean?

What does “easy care” mean?

Thus far, after 48 hours, the mat remains unOccupied. We shall see.


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    • Absolutely! The IT boss I know swears that the entire internet is nothing but a series of tubes filled with cats, and I’m just doing my part to keep it running. 🙂

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