Where I Get It From . . .

MomRed is standing at the back window, looking at the birdbath. DadRed is in the next room

DadRed: “Anything interesting?”

MomRed: “We seem to have been robinated.”

 A robination in progress.

A robination in progress.

I looked around and saw that indeed, it was standing room only robins around the rim of the birdbath, which one bird was trying to turn into a lawn sprinkler.

A few minutes later I heard . . .

DadRed: “Shift change.”

MomRed: “Hmm?”

DadRed: “The robins were be-doveled.”

Like this, but on the birdbath.

Like this, but on the birdbath.

And people wonder where I get it from . . .



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  1. Yup. Better to have parents similar to you than to have a family that you are dissimilar to.

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