Thoughts on Cleaning out a Freezer and Pantry

If you have to call Miss Clio at the Psychics’ Hotline in order to determine what it was, it needs to go away. Far away. Far enough away that if it needs a hazmat team to tidy up after it thaws/melts/pops open, it can’t be traced back to you.

That is all.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Cleaning out a Freezer and Pantry

  1. Indeed!

    I have learned, from painful experience, to label the packages with something descriptive and the month / year. Because sometimes, it’s important to figure out what year the lump of blanched leeks is from.

    • Two had years marked on them. One said 199- and the other 198-. I don’t care what it was or if it was still edible/viable (there are plant seeds in there). After thirty years (and two freezer changes), it goes.

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