Rotating the Closet

Rotating the closet it only slightly more productive than rotating the cat. It only happens twice a year, as opposed to whenever the words don’t want to flow. Although I have found a way to prolong the experience, that being moving woolens in and out of storage as well as rotating the closet.

You see, I still follow the old adage about “no white shoes before Easter, no white shoes after Labor Day.” And I have some Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes that can only be worn with white shoes. So in late spring, then get shifted to the front of the closet, the dark and heavy stuff goes to the back, everything gets checked for moth damage, loose buttons, hanging hems, loose trim, and so on. I also go through and decide if certain things need to go to better homes. Last year, for example, I finally got rid of a Leslie Faye suit I’d had since [redacted]. It still fit, and the colors looked wonderful on me, but 1) the 1980s kept calling and asking for the jacket back, and then 2) the Dallas Cowboys defensive line equipment manager e-mailed to see if I’d be willing to sell the shoulder pads. It had passed through vintage to “dreadfully dated.”

Doing the woolens (usually late October and late April) also allows me to drive the cat out of my sleeping quarters for a few days. And chase any person without a permanent sinus problem out as well, because of mothballs. Yes, the old-style, bad for the moths, smelly, toxic, naphtha mothballs. Won’t use anything else. And again, things need to be shifted around, buttons checked, hems checked, fit checked (because clothes shrink while in storage. Everyone knows this) and general closet and drawer tidying done. And every year I find something that leaves me scratching my head wondering why in the name of little green apples did I think that could possibly be salvaged? Oh, yeah, its comfortable, and any more stains/rips/other stuff won’t be noticed. As long as I wear it after sundown and stay away from streetlights, that is.

Has anyone else noticed that long-fuzzies reproduce in the summer? Two years ago I packed away two pair of synthetic long-john bottoms, two synthetic tops, two pair of silk and two silk tops (legacies from my flying days when wearing things that might melt was a No-NO). Last October I found six pair of synthetic bottoms, four tops, four silk bottoms in two different weights, and a half-dozen tops including a turtle neck I swear I’d never seen before. And some tee-shirts I don’t recall packing.

I know, First World Problem. And pack-rat problem. I’m hard to fit, so when I do find something that works, I tend to stock up, because it will not pass my way again, unless I spend far too much time scouring Flea-bay.

Oh dear. Excuse me. The cat seems to be getting flat on one side. I’d better go rotate her.


4 thoughts on “Rotating the Closet

  1. Sooo… You’re one of ‘those’ people… I guess I’ll just shut my mouth on what is sitting in my closet…I think I’ve got some stuff from the 60’s still hainging around in there… LOL

    • Hey, 60s are IN right now – peasant blouses and boot-cut leggings (bell bottoms) are the in thing still. Shoulder pads that made Dick Butkus stare in awe? Not so popular.

  2. I have designated one drawer as the clothing equivalent of the photo album with your school pictures in it. Because, y’know, there’s no way I’m wearing the orienteering meet shirt from 1984 again. and I’ve seen thicker onion paper than this shirt’s worn to, but…

    On the other hand, I’m waiting for the daytime highs to drop consistently below 90 degrees before I do the rotation.

  3. ” Oh, yeah, its comfortable, and any more stains/rips/other stuff won’t be noticed.”

    Those are just well broken in.

    Yes I tend to wear clothes until they fall off me, then wash them one more time and hang them in the closet.

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