Don’t Answer the Door!

Ding dong. Ding dong. I thought it was the mailman.

It wasn’t.

Anyone want 6 pounds of assorted summer squash and zucchini? We’ve eaten three pounds and sent another two home with an unsuspecting friend.

Funny. These weren't here a minute ago.

Funny. These weren’t here a minute ago.

And I think the neighbor will be back. Because you see, his wife was concerned about not having any squash this year. She planted three plants last year and two died early because of the heavy summer rains. So this year she planted three each of four kinds. And they all throve.

Yeah, squash season opened this morning. How'd you guess?

Yeah, squash season opened this morning. How’d you guess?

I may break down and get one of those gizmos that lets you make pasta-like squash bits. Because the freezer is overflowing, there’s a limit to how much bread I can make, even Mom the veggie-lover gets tired of squash-n-onions or succotash every night, and the other neighbors have gone into hiding. And two of my co-workers and some parents are bringing spare squash to the school already.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Answer the Door!

  1. If you had the time to come visit, I’d tell you to bring ’em all down. Otherwise, yeah, a mandoline for turning the squash into thin ribbons that can be used in place of pasta.

    I wonder if they’ll go away faster if you put a note next to the basket saying “Low carb! Gluten free!”

    • I don’t know. There’s a lonely bag of cucumbers left on the table at work. Which I suspect means we’ll have another mound-o-curcurbita come the morrow.

    • I’ve been careful to keep a layer of plastic between them, and to not allow them to be in physical contact without an adult present in the kitchen, because well . . .

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